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U.S. Artwork for Cachets


U.S. Cachet Artwork 

 Jack Davis

Jack Davis

Listed here is the original Artwork from cachet maker Jack Davis who sold covers in the 1970’s and 1980’s. With a few exceptions, each piece of Artwork measures 8 ½ inches x 11 inches (21.6 cm x 27.9cm) and is pen and/or pencil on paper.  The majority of these are the final drawings for the cachets but there are also some preliminary sketches and rejected sketches he made for certain issues.  Most of the preliminary sketches are done on translucent paper.


Much of the artwork has inscription to Ken Kribbs, another well known cachet maker of the time, and is signed by Jack Davis. In addition some have notes he made about the issue, his intentions and sometimes printing guidelines.


As many of his cachets were done in 3 colors, he had separate drawings for each color done in black and white.  Any color separation proofs included will be noted (all are in black & white). Typically there will be 3 separate proofs on one sheet, each in the final cachet size and printed on heavier white paper or on newsprint.



Ralph Dyer 

Ralph Dyer

Among the earliest cachet makers who produced significant quantities was Ralph Dyer who started in 1926. This list is the original artwork that served as the template for the handpainted cachets (he also did some printed cachets). There are final sketches as well as preliminary sketches. Some will have his notes, such as “1st” or “NG” (no good) or “Not used” “last one” “good” and most measure approximately 3 inches x 4.25 inches (7.5cm x 10.8 cm) They are typically pencil on tracing paper  (a few are in pen and on heavier stock) so are translucent and have been folded once along the top edge where there may be notes such as a date or whether it is a first or final drawing.  Some cachets were used for more than one issue.


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