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Belgium Imperfs and Proofs




Belgium Imperforates


For most 20th Century issues and almost all from 1930 to date, IMPERFORATES have been prepared in the original colors and distributed only to high government officials.  

Stamps up to 1950 are sold gummed or ungummed, as issued, sometimes with a script "Specimen" overprint. After 1950, all Belgium Imperfs were issued ungummed with an individual number printed on the reverse of each stamp.* Since Belgium Imperfs are presented only to high government officials, , there is no direct distribution to the philatelic marketplace.

We can provide most issues in singles, pairs and blocks of 4. We have never seen multiples larger than blocks of 4!

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 Belgium Minister Proofs in Black


Also printed for almost all issues since 1929 are MINISTER PROOFS IN BLACK. Each of these proofs is printed individually from the original plates in black on special 14cm by 14cm glossy paper, with a raised Ministry of Posts seal in the margin.  Only the highest government officials receive these proofs, making them truly very rare. 


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