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Because of the varied nature of our stock, we offer material in a few different ways on our Website:

Discount Postage - For those of you visiting our site to save money on USPS Postage, click on the blue link to take you there directly.

Store - This is where you will find our "shopping cart". Items are listed by category and this is generally for one of a kind items. These items are photographed and can be purchased directly from our website with the click of a button!  Please note that generic photos will be up for items under a certain price range (generally $20.00) Also, if there are any items with quantities, the photo is for reference only and may not be the exact image of the item you will receive. Our  "shopping cart" is a great way to purchase from us and should speed up the way we do business! It also helps to make sure you see more of our inventory & have a better web experience with Henry Gitner Philatelists, Inc.

Price Lists - Much of our inventory is listed on our price lists (PDF files) Many of these are items  from countries that we stock on a regular basis. These can be ordered by Telephone, Fax or Emailing a copy of your order. You may view our Price Lists online under the tab labeled "Price Lists." After scrolling through the price lists you will find ordering information. To order from our price lists,  just follow the instructions given. You can even use our secure payment form to send us your credit card information! It couldn't be any easier to order from us!

eBay - Be sure to click on the eBay menu tab above to view many more unique stamp related items, coins and a treasure of collectibles!

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Monthly Purchase Plan - Do you buy stamps on a regular basis? Interested in saving a couple of $$ on your collection?
Check out our Monthy Purchase Program !

Please feel free to ask or send a want list for items not on our website.  The listed items are just the tip of the iceberg!