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We have created a special form that you can use to fax your order to us.  Continue to add products to your shopping cart, and when you are finished return to this page and click the link below!

Please note: Items ordered by fax will not be removed from the webshop until the order is processed on our next working day, this may cause some items to be sold prior to your fax order being processed.

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Shipping Information: The shipping prices shown are for standard items such as stamps or covers. Packages are generally dispatched within a few days after receipt of payment. Domestic orders are shipped via first class, numbered mail, or UPS, according to value and size. If you prefer delivery by one or the other, please let us know. Foreign orders will be shipped by the US Postal Service. Special shipping requests such as UPS, Fedex, EMS may be extra. Shipping fees include careful packaging as well as private insurance for your protection.

Overnight and fast delivery are available at reasonable prices as well as any other special shipping instructions. Please call or email. Use shipping chart below to figure cost towards shipping/insurance. *Bulky or expedited shipments may be extra. Please inquire.

Shipping within the US: $1.00- $99.99 - $3.50

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$500.00 and over - $9.50

Shipping outside the US:

$1.00 - $99.99 - $8.00

$100.00 - $499.99 - $20.00

$500.00 and over - $25.00


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