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HGPi Linn's Stamp News Ads

You can view our latest Linn's ad and see our Linn's Ads from the past 12-18 months. Only the most current ad on a country or topic is valid. Some ads will contain the same issues. Example: In the US Washington Franklin ad (10/18/18), issues, such as Scott 505 errors blocks and strips, may also be in our US 19 & 20th Century Specials (11/19/18). The current prices would be in the later ad (11/19/18). Linn's ads that include sales or special discounts will have this icon next to them.

Ads before the 06/03/2019-Germany 1923-1945 link to our now Retired website and will give a "404-Error-Page Not Found". Please return to our New Home Page, (click here) to either our Shop listings on the left margin or Price Lists in the upper right.

You will need Acrobat Reader DC or higher to view these Linns Ads. Most computers have Acrobat reader pre-installed, but if you need the program, just click here "Get Adobe Reader" and choose the correct version based on your system's configuration. (operating system, CPU and memory). It's free!

Current Linn's Ad:

Click on the image above to view our latest Linn's Ad Specials!

Linn's Archive:

For more information on how to order items from the ads; click on the following link: Ordering from  our Ads


Linns Ad 06/19/23 U.S. C13-15 Graf Zeppelins and U.S. Aerophilately

Linns Ad 06/12/23 U.S. Bank Notes

Linns Ad 05/29/23 British Area

Linns Ad 05/22/23 U.S. Washington - Franklins - See our Store for the U.S. Washington - Franklins Inventory

Linns Ad 05/15/23 French and Spanish Andorra

Linns Ad 05/08/23 U.S. Modern Imperfs

Linns Ad 05/01/23 U.S. 1920-1940

Linns Ad 04/24/23 U.S. 19th & 20th Century Specials

Linns Ad 04/17/23 Newfoundland & Cape of Good Hope

Linns Ad 04/10/23 U.S. Confederates

Linns Ad 04/03/23 Vatican 1929-2022

Linns Ad 03/27/23 U.S. Commemoratives See our Store for the U.S. Early Commemoratives

Linns Ad 03/20/23 Ireland, Sets, Varieties and Aerophilately

Linns Ad 03/13/23 Changing to Digital

Linns Ad 03/06/23 U.S. Farley Positions

Linns Ad 02/27/23 Topicals

Linns Ad 02/20/23 Ryukus Islands

Linns Ad 02/06/23 Germany to 1945

Linns Ad 01/30/23  U.S. Duck Stamps - See our Store for a sampling of our Duck Inventory

Linns Ad 01/23/23 U.S. Back of the Book

Linns Ad 01/16/23 St. Pierre & Miquelon

Linns Ad 01/02/23 New on our Website!

Linns Ad 12/26/22 U.S. Buying

Linns Ad 12/19/22 U.S. Savings Stamps - See our Store for a sampling of our Savings Stamps Inventory

Linns Ad 12/12/22 French Polynesia

Linns Ad 12/05/22 Liechtenstein

Linns Ad 11/21/22  Italy & Italian Area

Linns Ad 11/14/22 U.S. Classics

Linns Ad 11/07/22  15% off Worldwide Collections

Linns Ad 10/31/22 15% Foreign Stamps

Linns Ad 10/24/22 U.S. Possessions

Linns Ad 10/17/22 U.S. Shanghais

Linns Ad 10/10/22 Early Swiss and Swiss Officials

Linns Ad 10/03/22 U.S. Specials

Linns Ad 09/19/22 U.S. Cut Squares & Entires

Linns Ad 08/22/22 FSAT French Antarctic Stamps 

Linns Ad 08/08/22 U.S. Essays and Die Proofs

Linns Ad 08/01/22 U.S. Vending Machine Stamps and Booklet Panes

Linns Ad 07/25/22 United States Errors

Linns Ad 07/11/22 U.S. Test Stamps

Linns Ad 07/04/22 Austria

Linns Ad 06/06/22  U.S. Officials

Linns Ad 05/30/22  Better Worldwide Stamps from A - Z

Linns Ad 05/23/22  Unusual Worldwide Specials

Linns Ad 04/25/22 U.S. 1920-1940 

Linns Ad 03/21/22  Saar and Occupied Germany 1945-1950

Linns Ad 03/14/22 U.S. Bureau Issues

Linns Ad 03/07/22 Monaco

Linns Ad 02/14/22 U.S. Modern Specials

Linns Ad 01/10/22  Marshall Islands Imperfs

Linns Ad 12/20/21 U.S. Revenues

Linns Ad 11/01/21 US Early 20th Century Plate Blocks and Kansas-Nebraska Ovpts.

Linns Ad 08/16/21 Great American Stamp Show / Worldwide Show Specials 

Linns Ad 06/28/21 France - Classics to1945 

Linns Ad 05/03/21 New Additions to Our Foreign Stock!

Linns Ad 04/19/21 New Additions to our U.S. Stock!

Linns Ad 04/05/21 Autographed Covers and More

Linns Ad 02/22/21 Belgium and Area

Linns Ad 07/20/20 Iceland 

Linns Ad 06/15/20  U.S. Fancy Cancels

Linns Ad 02/24/20 General Info and Testimonials

Linns Ad 09/02/19  Israel - See our Store for our Israel Inventory

Linns Ad 08/26/19 U.N. Personalized Sheets - See our Store for our U.N. Personalized Sheet Inventory

Linns Ad 08/12/19 Rare Switzerland

Linns Ad 08/05/19 Trust Territories

Linns Ad 11/05/18 East Germany - DDR - 1945 to 1990

Linns Ad 01/22/18 Guyana

Linns Ad 11/17/14 The John DuPont Collection View our complete John DuPont Collection Price List


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