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US Buy List (New List as of Feb 2019!)

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Buy Terms


All Plate Blocks through 1930s, F-VF NH or better. Also plate blocks 1890-1900s, especially collections by diff. plate #. Specialized collections of plate # and position especially needed for all better issues and definitives (not common commems). All collections/lots of Huck Plate Strips wanted at 80% of face as long as good variety of plate #s (1338D, F, 1363, 1384, 1509, 1622).
All US Rarities Needed in All Conditions; Defective to Superb.
Needed Immediately:
St. Louis Bears - All Special Printing.
All 19th Century Unused With or Without Gum.
Used US Commemoratives and Definitives in Large Quantities Needed!
Regular Sources for 1995-Date Used US Material Wanted!
Wanted to Buy for our Clients: Better US Full Sheets 1900-1990's especially 803-834, 1030-1053, 1278-1295, 1608-1612, Express Mail and High Values Single Sheets, Complete Sets

All better items & specialized collections wanted!

Buy Terms:

  • If you own any items listed here in virtually any quantity, you can ship them to us with confidence -- no need to email or call!
  • Your shipment needs to include:
    • Your stamps, clearly identified and carefully counted. (#4 glassines preferred, only one Scott # or set per glassine, up to 100 of each per glassine is OK, with quantity marked on each envelope. Sheet files are OK for sheets and large pieces. Even if you only have 1 of each #, please do not mix Scott #´s in the same glassine. We can supply used glassines if needed, at no charge, if you send a large SASE.)
    • A neat, itemized invoice including your telephone number, catalog number, quantity shipped, and total price.
    • Specific instructions on where we should remit payment.
    • Your cooperation helps us in offering premium buy prices.
    • FDC´s: FDC´s must have a cachet related to the stamp. You can send up to 2,000 of any of the mint stamps listed under $1.00, and 500 over $1.00 without prior confirmation. FDC´s listed by number - up to 500 without prior confirmation.
    • Sheets: Sheets must be good as sheets without folds, bad seps, or other faults. Faulty sheets counted as single stamps. Top prices paid for all sound US Sheets.
    • Plate Blocks: Generally, plate blocks are valued at 4x our single buying price. For plate blocks which carry a significant catalog premium over the value of 4 or 6 individual stamps, we will pay fair market value. (e.g. 370 plate block has a significantly higher catalog value than 6 single copies of 370). If you have higher value plate blocks you wish to sell, please inquire!
    • Se-tenant sheets with extra singles -- add face to block prices.
    • Se-tenant blocks - prices are for blocks in the proper order; as listed in the Scott Cat.
    • For stamps on this list valued to $20.00 but with Avg. centering, please deduct 30%. For stamps with buying prices over $20.00 each, but with Avg. centering, please deduct 40%.
    • NH= never hinged, LH= lightly hinged, HR/HH= hinged remnant/ heavily hinged, M/F = minor faults, but face clean (thin, No Gum, Straight Edge, short perfs, etc.) (Average Centering = perfs touching design or cut into design 1 side.)
    • All US Mint wanted -- if your stamps are not listed on our buying list, please email or call with your offer.
    • Our mailing address and contact information appear at the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the page.
    • Ship with confidence! We are a major stamp dealership with 30+ years of experience serving the philatelic community.
    • Prompt payment!