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We're buying! To support our busy wholesale and retail business, we're always looking for better individual stamps and collections. Our 30+ years of honest dealing has earned us a position as one of the most trusted stamp dealerships in America -- you can ship us your collection in confidence that it will be handled carefully and evaluated fairly.

You will be pleased to know that our Satisfaction Guarantee applies to our buying! If you have sent your collection to us, but don't like our offer, we'll return your collection to you post paid. The only risk to you is the cost of shipping to us -- that's it!


Are you new to the stamp marketplace? Trying to figure out what your stamps are worth? Avoid disappointment and some common mistakes; be sure to read our article on the stamp market and catalog values: About those catalog values...

Because we are often looking for specific items (and many of them common!), we have created lists of the items we are hunting and the best prices we're paying! Even if you do not want to sell your collection, you may have some of these stamps in your duplicate stock books. It is worth checking our buying lists -- you might be surprised what we are paying for your stamps!

Current Buying Lists:

  • U.S. Buying List - This is our latest US buy list. (New List as of Feb 2019!)
  • U.S. FDC Buying List - This is our latest US First Day Cover buy list.
  • Marshall Islands Buy List
  • U.N. - We Buy Better UN - Please call or email
  • Confederate States - Wanted to buy better Confederate States--sound and minor flaws.
    Especially needed 1-5 & 9-10 but will buy all Confederates.

Did ya know? We also buy:

  • Coins
  • Paper money
  • Foreign Currency
  • Old Envelopes
  • Autographs of famous people (deceased)
  • Historical documents
  • GoldĀ  Jewelry
  • Gold / Silver
  • Collections & Estates