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Our weekly Linn's ad will now be put on our website at the same time that they become available to Linn's online subscribers.
Now every customer will have the first chance at those special items needed for their collection!

To make it a little easier, our Linn's ads that include sales or special discounts will have this icon next to them. sale icon
As always, you can view many of our Linn's Stamp News Ads, US or Foreign for the past year, from our web site.
Each one is described individually so you can pick the ad of your particular interest. They are only available in Adobe PDF form.
Click on the following link to view them.
Linn's Stamp News Sales

Linn's Stamp Market Tips - Here you will find interesting articles by Henry Gitner as well as other authors which will keep you up to date on the latest happenings in the Stamp Market.

****** Special: Stamp Mount Clearance *******

Three Lots of of used and miscellaneous stamp mounts (free shipping):

Lot 1: Black mounts - $407.00 retail -- $250.00 sale price; Sizes ranging from: 20's - 60's x 215; 40's - 80's x 240; 40's - 140's x 264-65
Lot 2: Black mounts - $386.10 retail -- $120.00 sale price; Sizes ranging from: 20's - 50's x 215; 60's - 100's x 240; 20's - 180's x 264-65; 130's x 174
Lot 3: Clear mounts - $302.50 retail --
$120.00 sale price; Sizes ranging from: 20's - 60's x 215; 40's - 200's x 264-65; 40's - 100's x 240
We also have new
Prinz, Showgard and Hawid mounts. Click on each heading to view our stock of each brand. Shipping - $5.00
Please email or telephone if you have any questions or to order.

Gift Certificates Always Available

Take advantage of our HGPi Gift Certificates for that special collector in your family.


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Stamp Shows we attend:

We attend Mega Event Stamp Shows.
The following link will direct you to the ASDA web site.
There you can view the show dates and other show info that might be of interest.
ASDA Mega Events
The following link will take you to the APS site for future show dates.
APS Stamp Show Calendar

Upcoming Shows:

May 31 - June 2, 2019: ASDA Spring New York Postage Stamp Show - The Watson Hotel, 57th Street New York, NY 10019

July 26 - 28, 2019: Americover Show -  Renaissance St. Louis Airport, St. Louis, MO

August 1 - 4 2019: APS Stamp Show - Hilton Omaha 1001 Cass St. Omaha, NE 68102

12 May 2017: U.S. Modern Imperfs 2012 - 2016

Like the Ever Popular 1935 Farley Special Printings, this controversial USPS issuing policy gave the Philatelic World a new area to collect. And just like the Farley's, you can complete your imperfs with Henry Gitner. Deduct 5% on orders over $300.00 (when no single item is more than 50% of the order.)

You can see these listings and more in our recent Linn's ad. U.S. Modern Imperfs 2012-2016

24 April 2017: U.S. Farley Special Printing Positions Lower Pricing:

RARE Gummed FARLEY Sheet 756 - 765 VF/NH Gummed Sets. Well above average sets with much fewer gum creases & skips than usually seen.
You can see these listings and more in our recent Linn's ad. Farley Special Printing Positions

03 April 2017: Vatican City 1929-2016

vatican-35-40F-v-f Check out the new Vatican City ad with new singles and sets up to 2016. Vatican City Linn's Ad

26 March 2017: U.N. Personalized & Event Sheets:

Sale on all UN Personalized Sheets, strips and singles. Items are available in our Web Store. U.N. Personalized Sheets.
See the Linn's ad for sale details.
U.N. Personalized Sheets Linn's Ad.

27 Feb 2017: U.S. Confederate States of America Sale:

Take 10% off all orders (& 15% off on orders over $500.00!) where no item is more than half the value of the order. Valid to June 30, 2017. Web Store link:
U.S. Confederate States of America.
You can also find the listings in our Linn's ad.
U.S. Confederate States of America

15 Dec 2016: U.S. Shanghai Overprints Sale:

We've added many U.S Shanghais to our Web Store. U.S Shanghais.
You can also find the listings in our Linn's ad.
U.S Shanghai Sale

04 Dec. 2016: Our U.S.Cut Squares Price Sheet has been updated.

Our U.S.Cut Squares Price List has been updated. Many from a Just Purchased Nearly Complete Collection. U.S. Cut Squares Price List

18 Nov. 2016: British Commonwealth Collection Added

George VI & more from a Specialized Collection emphasizing Color Shades, Perf and Plate varieties – many only listed in Gibbons. - British Commonwealth Price List , British Commonwealth Linn's Ad

23 Oct 2016: U.S. Trust Territories Sale

19 May. 2016: U.S. Rarities Preview available at the World Stamp Show NY 2016:

This is a preview of the high quality US Rarities that we will have at the Show.
For those of you not attending the show, you can still order by email, fax or phone,
but since some items are on consignment, they are not all shown in our HGPi's U.S. Store .
See us at Booth 1136

31 Jan 2016: U.S. Washington / Franklins new additions

We have addded many new Washington / Franklins to our Store. Our inventory is constantly changing so come back often to check out the latest additions.
Click on over to view our latest Store items. U.S. Washington / Franklins Store.
See our Linn's ad for our latest Washington/Frankilin Specials.
U.S. Washington / Franklins Price List

8 June 2015: Collect United States? HGPi is the only place to go!

From Postmaster Provisionals to 2013 imperfs, HGPi carries an extensive stock of U.S. for every collector. Every stamp or cover listed here is a NEW listing photographed in our Web store: United States
Also take a look at: U.S. Autographed First Day Covers ( FDC) and U.S. Dignitary Presentation Albums .

19 Jan. 2015: 20th Century Fancy Cancels and Unique First Day Covers

Some of the most interesting and rarest U.S. Fancy cancels. Many are considered the rarest and most valuable of all the 20th century fancy cancels.
View all links for our 19th & 20th Century Fancy Cancels & Covers, Autographed FDC, U.S. Errors & Early FDC's

08 Nov 2014: The John DuPont Stamp Collection - Sheets & Plate Blocks

You can own United States Plate Blocks and Mint Sheets from John DuPont’s Famous Stamp Collection. On April 27, 2014, Schuyler Rumsey Philatelic Auctions, Inc. sold the Mint Sheet section of the John DuPont Collection. HGPI purchased the largest volume of his sheets from the 1930’s to the early 2000’s. The Professional Stamp Experts (PSE) has kindly agreed to provide individual certificates of authenticity picturing the plate block from each sheet affirming the DuPont provenance. Only about 700 sheets could exist, as well as several hundred plate blocks which will also have individual PSE Certificates from the John DuPont collection. John DuPont Price List You can also find additional listings in our recent Linn's ad.

5 May 2014: Save Big on U.S. Discount Postage

Get ready for your holiday mailings with our U.S. Discount Postage Sale !
U.S Discount Postage Special

15 March 2014: Did You Win the Post Office Lottery?

Click on the following link to see the details about the 2013 "Un-Inverted" Jenny Souvenir Sheet! Maybe you were a lucky winner!
Un-Inverted Jenny Souvenir Sheet

21 Feb 2014: Marshall Islands Press Sheet Archive Material

Previously unknown and unlike U.S. press sheets, these were never sold. Only cut down and sold as normal sheets through the Post Office & Agency.
We purchased the entire archive so no others are available. We've added the Marshall Islands Press Sheets to our Web Store. Marshall Islands Press Sheets
Marshall Islands Press Sheet Archive Price List

Autographs added to our "Store"

Recently purchased, Amazing stock of autographs from 1856 on. Most are Presidents and Cabinet Members but also include other famous national figures such as Susan B Anthony, Vincent Price, Elvis Presley, Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart among many more great finds . Autographs

Maury and Dallay French Catalogue:

2009 Maury French catalogue! Only $34.95plus $5.00 for packing and shipping by media mail. This catalogue is the finest, most informative French Catalogue ever published! Over 1440 color pages with detailed illustrations of types, plate varieties, retouches and more.
Please email your order request and use the payment link found under "Pricelists" at the top of this page to pay by credit card. Thank you.
Maury and Dallay French Catalogue
French - English Philatelic Dictionary

Scott Catalogs:

We have a limited number of New Non Current Scott Catalogs. Shipping is $4.00 for the first and 2.00 for each additional catalog ordered.
These retailed for $47.00. Please email, phone or fax to check availability and to order.

Cook Islands New Issues & More:

On August 12, 2010, Philatelic Collector Inc., in association with Henry Gitner Philatelist Inc., has been appointed with long-term exclusivity to be the Philatelic Agency for the Cook Islands which also includes Aitutaki and Penrhyn Islands. Now they are also the exclusive worldwide agent for the Tonga Philatelic Bureau. Follow the links for more information! All values may be viewed and purchased from their websites. Cook Islands Philatelic Bureau

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We have dedicated this part of our web site to helping collectors learn more about their hobby. Whether you are a novice or an advanced collector, we hope you will find something here to help you enjoy stamp collecting more!

About Those Catalog Values - People do not always know how to read catalog values. Learn About Those Catalog Values; A discussion on how stamp catalog values work and what to expect for your stamps

What's the Difference Part One - What's the difference is an article for new collectors and non-collectors to help them understand what it is philatelists look for in a stamp to distinguish from one issue and another.

What's the Difference Part Two - Part Two of the What's the difference article for new collectors and non-collectors to help them understand what it is philatelists look for in a stamp to distinguish from one issue and another.

The Philatelic Hall of Shame - The Philatelic Hall of Shame presents articles on detecting faked stamps from the collector's perspective. Protect your money and collection! Learn how to tell the difference between such things as genuine perforations and faked ones.

Reperforated Stamps - Many, many stamps on the market today have had perforations added or replaced to make the stamp look better. Learn how to detect reperfed stamps and protect your collection!

Faked Coils - Coil stamps are among the most troubled by reperforations. Learn how to detect reperfed coils and protect your collection!

Regummed Stamps - You can learn how to tell if the gum on your early US stamps is genuine! Some simple facts and observation can keep out of sticky situations with faked stamps!

U.S. Photo Essays and Autographed Plate Blocks History - This is a little background about the U.S. Photo Essays and Autographed Plate Blocks.

CIA Invert error - The CIA invert is the one of the most well known inverted color errors in United States collecting.

Palestine Overprints Identifier - This Guide is intended to assist in the study of the overprints on the stamps of Palestine.